Niina Kekki

+358 29 450 2976

+358 50 599 2235

Office: 151

ORCID identifier:

Areas of expertise
Second language acquisition, Finnish as a second language, multilingual pedagogy, linguistically and culturally responsive education, using literature as a method in language learning


I work as a Finnish as a foreign language teacher at the Center for Language and Communication Studies. Additionally, I am a PhD student in the Utuling doctoral program in the department of language and translation studies.

Previously, I have worked as a university-teacher of linguistically and culturally responsive teaching. I was teaching multiple courses for pre- and in-service teachers and preparing learning material. I have also worked as project researcher in the projects "Tuntemattomalla päähän?" and "Täsmäopetusta edistyneille suomenoppijoille" funded by Kone Foundation. 

I have worked as a teacher of Finnish language in several adult education institutes in the Turku region, and as a teaching assistant at the university of Tartu, Estonia.


In my current position, I teach Finnish for exchange students and international degree students. As a a teacher of linguistically and culturally responsive teaching, I was teaching multiple courses for pre- and in-service teachers regarding Finnish as a second language and literature, language-awareness, multilingual pedagogy, teaching Finnish in preparatory education and linguistically and culturally responsive teaching.


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