Kalle Rytkönen
Adjunct professor, Institute of Biomedicine / Turku Bioscience Centre


Tykistökatu 6


ORCID identifier: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5138-0889

Areas of expertise
Female reproduction; uterus; endometrium; endometriosis; preeclampsia; hypoxia; gene regulation; functional genomics; single-cell transcriptomics


2011, PhD, University of Turku

2012-2015 Post Doc, Prof. Gunter Wagner lab, Yale Systems Biology Institute, Yale University

2016-2018 Marie Curie Research Fellow, Institute of Biomedicine / Turku Centre for Biotechnology

2019- Research Fellow associated with Prof. Laura Elo and Prof. Matti Poutanen groups, Turku Bioscience Centre / Institute of Biomedicine

2022- Adjunct professor, Institute of Biomedicine


Current research focuses on the gene regulation of the uterine endometrium and endometrium related disorders such as preeclampsia, endometriosis and heavy menstrual bleeding. To better understand the uterine biology and the roles of specific uterine cell types I utilize transcriptomics, steroidomics and computational biology tools.  


Lectures in courses: Modern biotechnologies and bioinformatics; Systems biology; Bioinformatics in Drug Discovery.

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