Saara Nolvi
Ph.D (FT), adjunct professor (dos.)

FinnBrain Birth Cohort Study

Kiinamyllynkatu 10


Teutori 2. krs

Office: Med A307/Pub 318

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FinnBrain Study

PeCCaPs Study

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Areas of expertise
prenatal stress; early life stress; postnatal stress; anxiety; temperament; fear reactivity; executive functioning; socioemotional development; cognitive development; structural equation modelling; milk cortisol; brain structure; amygdala; MRI; fMRI, DTI


Pronouns: she/hers


I am adjunct professor and psychologist and currently work as post-doctoral reseacher in Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS) under the division of Psychology and in the FinnBrain Birth Cohort Study. I have currently started as senior researcher in the InterLearn Centre of Excellence, funded by Academy of Finland. 

My research focuses on early life environmental effects on child self-regulation development and the neural and other biological mechanisms underlying these associations. I am also interested in the inter-individual differences in sensitivity to stress and environment, and how these differences in plasticity are shaped by the environment across development. I conduct the research in a multi-cohort setting, with an aim is to use methods that increase reproducibility and research credibility.


Teacher education (60 ects); experience from teaching and lecturing from all age groups and educational levels

Taught courses currently:

PSYK3933 Developmental psychology I

PSYK4323 Master's thesis (Psychology)

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