Natasa Bulatovic Trygg

Doctoral Student, Art History, Musicology and Media Studies (School of History, Culture and Arts Studies)
+358 2 333 6310
Kaivokatu 12

Areas of expertise
Doctoral candidate

Art history, classical art


Lecture Notes on Interactive Storytelling (2019) Jouni Smed, Tomi Suovuo, Natasha Trygg, Petter Skult
D5 Text book, professional manual or guide or a dictionary)

The Digital Campfire: An Ontology of Interactive Digital Storytelling (2018) Modern Perspectives on Virtual Communications and Social Networking Jouni Smed, Tomi Suovuo, Natasha Trygg, Petter Skult, Harri Hakonen
A3 Book chapter)

Narrative Design (2017) Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games Bulatovic Trygg Natasha, Skult Petter, Smed Jouni
A3 Book chapter)

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