Maija Vähämäki

University Teacher, Management and Organisation (Department of Management and Entrepreneurship)
+358 29 450 2907
+358 44 562 5060

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Areas of expertise
Management and organising, leadership, leadership communication, organizational learning, working life studies


After my Masters' degree at TSE I
worked 15 years in various organizations in Finland and abroad (Sweden,
Germany, Austria). After some years specialization in purchasing and
import I attended Fintra's certification programme of international
business and acted as vice commercial attache, export manager and coordinator for international
relations. I also worked 4 years as project manager in developmental projects for media and graphich
arts industiries just before starting my doctoral studies at TSE in

Since then I have acted in various academic positions, now beeing university teacher in the department of management and organization.I belong to the university's committee of human resource development and in the planning group of university teachers pedagogc studies. I also act as arbitator.


In my doctoral thesis (2008) I studied knowledge
management and organizational learning by applying participative action research method. In my doctoral thesis Dialogue in
organizational learning
I have investigated social learning in work communities and discuss the relationship between empowering
and accepting power. Further, the dialogic negotiation process of the limits of self management in teams is illustrated in the thesis.

My post doc research topics have deepened the understanding of dialogical relationships of leadership and learning. My current research interests include organizational social learning, manifestations of conflict in organizations, management learning, and new meanings of work (within Swipe project). In the field of university pedagogy I have one ongoing study; Doctoral supervison as leader-member relationship.


I have taught diverse courses in management and organization studies for business students, non-business students at university and in the executive courses of Turku School of Economics. I have also taught qualitative methods courses and supervised bachelor's, master's as well as doctoral thesis. In the year 2016 I qualified for university pedagogy.

Currently I'm teacher on the following courses: Introduction to Management and Organization, Leadership communication. I also facilitate learning with cases and group work in courses of Future Studies and Organization Theory, and supervise Bachelor's thesis. Almost 400 students enrolled in my courses every year keep me rolling...


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