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CASE - oppijakeskeinen menetelmä terveysalalla
Hanhilampi N, Heikkilä K, Salminen L
Case Turku : Field Notes on a Changing Campus Design
Johanna Aaltonen, Tiina Anttila
Olli Koistinen
Cellulose- A Biomaterial with Cell-Guiding Property
Miretta Tommila, Anne Jokilammi, Risto Penttinen, Erika Ekholm
Challenges to the European protection order: Mutual recognition in the light of different national protection systems
Suzan van der Aa, Lorena Sosa, Johanna Niemi, Ana Ferreira, Anna Baldry
Chapter 13 : Hybrid Cellular and Broadcasting Networks
David Gómez-Barquero, Peter Unger, Karim Nasir, Jussi Poikonen, Kristian Nybom
Chapter 1 : Channel Models and Reliable Communication
Jussi Poikonen, Evgenii Krouk, Andrei Ovchinnikov
Chapter 9 : Multiple Access Methods
Dmitry Osipov, Jarkko Paavola, Jussi Poikonen
Cicero ja kirjeenkirjoittamisen taito
Veli-Matti Rissanen
Ciceron poliittinen ura
Kaj Sandberg, Jyri Vaahtera
Commercial names
Paula Sjöblom
Competency Recommendations for Advancing Nursing Informatics in the Next Decade: International Survey Results
Charlene Ronquillo, Maxim Topaz, Lisiane Pruinelli, Laura-Maria Peltonen, Raji Nibber
Conclusions: How to achieve socio-cultural integration
Mélanie Hassett, Niina Nummela
Constitutional review in Finland
Forum Iuris
Lavapuro J
Contemporary Philosophies of Lived Time
Valtteri Arstila, Dan Lloyd
Contractual arrangements for young workers
Ana Jeannet-Milanovic, Niall O’Higgins, Annika Rosin
Cooking and cookery books
Creole Language Library
Klemettilä H
Cooperation Between Clinical Staff and Nurse Teachers
Leena Salminen, Camilla Strandell-Laine
Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy of Autophagosomes
Gudmundsson S, Kahlhofer J, Baylac N, Kallio K, Eskelinen E-L
Country Report Finland
Nousiainen K
Country Report for Finland
Matti J. Sillanpää
Creoles in Education. A discussion of pertinent issues
Migge B, Léglise I, Bartens A
Current developments in accounting and auditing [in German]
T. Flemming Ruud, Jan Pfister, Nicole Hess
Cyclic Electron Flow in Cyanobacteria and Eukaryotic Algae
A. W. D. Larkum, M. Szabó, D. Fitzpatrick, J. A. Raven
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