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Integration involves a trade-off between fertility and status for World War II evacuees
Nature Human Behaviour
Lynch R., Lummaa V., Panchanathan K., Middleton K., Rotkirch A., Danielsbacka M., O’Brien D., Loehr J.
Is burning mouth a syndrome or a disorder? A commentary
Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology
Miller C., Farag A., Chmieliauskaite M., Ariyawardana A., Albuquerque R., Carlson C., Forssell H., Klasser G., Nasri-Heir C., Mignogna M., Sardella A., Miller C.
IFA:n 72. kongressi Soulissa
Reijo Knuutinen, Einari Karhu
Images of the Future of Young Refugees
Siirtolaisuus - Migration
Seyedeh Akhgar Kaboli
Immanuel Kant: the very idea of a critique of pure reason
British Journal for the History of Philosophy
Hemmo Laiho
Important factors affecting the choice of an oral anticoagulant may be missed in database studies.
Journal of Internal Medicine
E. Aarnio, R. Huupponen, M. J. Korhonen
Inhokki – The Dislikey – Johdannoksi
Pauliina Tuomi, Petri Saarikoski
Introduction to the Special Issue on Bryophytes
Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences
Jessica M. Budke, Ernest C. Bernard, Dennis J. Gray, Sanna Huttunen, Birgit Piechulla, Robert N. Trigiano
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