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Long-term monitoring of acute wound healing from beneath the primary wound dressings
Proceedings of the Biennial Baltic Electronics Conference
Atte Kekonen, Mikael Bergelin, Jan-Erik Eriksson, Mikko Vesa, Max Johansson, Jari Viik
Latinska kasusändelser i svenska texter genom tiderna
Svenskan i Finland
Kauko Mikko
Lean Enterprise Architecture Method for Value Chain Based Development in Public Sector
Proceedings of the European conference on e-government
Eero Hosiaisluoma, Katja Penttinen, Juha Mustonen, Jukka Heikkilä
Likes and views: Investigating internet video content creators perceptions of popularity
CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Törhönen M., Sjöblom M., Hamari J.
Liking the Game: How Can Spectating Motivations Influence Social Media Usage at Live Esports Events?
Sjöblom, M., Hassan, L., Macey, J., Törhönen, M., & Hamari, J.
Linking informal and formal mathematical reasoning: two directions across the same bridge
Proceedings of the PME Conference
McMullen Jake, Resnick Lauren
Low-Power Regulator for Micro Energy Harvesting Applications
Nevalainen T., Ferro E., Brea V. M., Lopez P., Paasio A.
Luck in Action – Creating Luck Momentum in an Entrepreneurial Context
RENT : Research in entrepreneurship and small business
Pekka Stenholm, Yi Dragon Jiang
Learner perspectives on pronunciation feedback
Lintunen Pekka, Mäkilähde Aleksi, Peltonen Pauliina
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