Lauri Viinikkala
FT / PhD

Kaivokatu 12


Areas of expertise
Finnish history in the 18th century, material culture,digital humanities, philosophy of historiography, historical epistemology


I have worked as project researcher and doctoral candidate at the department of Finnish history during the years 2013 - 2016. I have also held different posts in museum sector, and since 2017 I have worked as curator of cultural historical collections at the Museum Centre of Turku. Currently I am also working as university teacher  at the department of Finnish history.


My PhD thesis, published in 2018, dealt with the use of mixed reality (MR) technology in representing and creating historical knowledge. The study examined the relationship between physical reality, narration
and historical knowledge in representations of the past based on MR

Besides digital humanities, historical representations and historical epistemology I have also studied 18th century local adminstration of church parishes in south-western Finland.

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