Petri Susi
PhD, docent (in molecular virology at University of Turku and in plant cell biology and biotechnology at University of Helsinki)

+358 29 450 4556

+358 46 922 7336

Kiinamyllynkatu 10


Office: D7062

ORCID identifier:


Areas of expertise
Picornavirus; enterovirus; rhinovirus; parechovirus; virus evolution; bioinformatics; respiratory pathogens; clinical virology; diagnostics; protein production technologies; bioprocesses; cell culture techniques; molecular biology; gene technology; biosecurity; research data management;

For three years I studied biochemistry as major subject at University of Turku (Turku, Finland) just to end up to graduate with MSc degree in biology in 1994. The following five years (1995-1999) I worked as graduate student at University of Helsinki (Helsinki, Finland; with prof. Eija Pehu and Dr. Kirsi Lehto), Agrotechnological Research Institute (Wageningen, Netherlands; with Dr. Chris van der Schoot) and The James Hutton Institute (Dundee, UK; with Dr. Lesley Torrance) to finalize my PhD degree in the field of plant virology. As a post-doc, I did a short visit to cancer cell biology in Turku Bioscience - Turku Centre for Biotechnology (in 2000; with Dr. Päivi Koskinen), before securing four-year personal funding as post-doctoral researcher of Academy of Finland. I worked with FLP/FRT gene editing system in plants with a twist to plant virus movement processes in Joint Biotechnology Laboratory at University of Turku in 2001-2004. Following that period, I made a slight career turn from plant virology to human picornavirus research, and joined the group of prof. Timo Hyypiä to become a university staff member (Institute of Biomedicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Turku). Currently, I am in a position of university lecturer in medical biotechnology and microbiology. My work history also includes research visits to diagnostic companies in Finland (2015 and 2017) and abroad (2015), two years as project manager at Turku University of Applied Sciences (2012-2013), and expert work in Tykslab clinical virology unit (2006-2012). I have co-founded two start-up companies.


My research has always been connected to molecular biology, microbiology and biotechnology. My current research focuses on picornavirus evolution, tropism, pathogenicity and diagnostics. I am particularly interested in the relationship between picornavirus genome evolution, cellular infectivity and disease mechanisms, which are the key elements in therapy development. Current projects include NGS sequencing of human picornaviruses, receptor search for entero- and parechoviruses, cell tropism of Rigvir oncolytic echovirus and development of novel diagnostics to rhinoviruses in SPARK Finland program.

My teaching portfolio with medical and biomedical students includes virological lectures, TaLO tutoring and role as a lab course organizer and/or instructor in microbiology, biochemistry and molecular biology. I am also involved in organizing bioecurity course and UTUGS course on Basic Research Data Management. I have completed full pedagogical teacher training (60 ECTS) in Faculty of Education at University of Turku.

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