Marjut Johansson
Head of the School of Languages and Translation Studies

+358 29 450 3318

+358 50 328 9207

Koskenniemenkatu 4


Office: 201

ORCID identifier:

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Areas of expertise
interactional (socio)linguistics, sociocultural linguistics, discourse analysis,
human-robot interaction, digital discourse, computer-mediated communication, political media discourse, language use in professional and expert contexts, multilingualism and language practices, language learning and language expertise


I work as Professor of the French Studies, my expertise is in applied language studies. Since 2017, I serve as the Head of the School of Languages and Translation Studies, University of Turku. 

Previously I have worked as a university teacher and as a lecturer at the Universities of Tampere and Turku, as a visiting scholar at the Université de Provence, France (1997)  and as a senior scientist at the Academy of Finland (2009-2010). 

I have completed MA studies at the Université de Provence and at the University of Turku where I also defended my PhD thesis (2000).


My recent research interests cover three major topics:

1) Interaction based on artificial intelligence, espcially human-robot interaction. The main topic here is child-robot interaction in foreign language learning situations. Read more on the site of RoboLang -research team:

2) Sociopolitical media discourse. I have worked on a variety of topics in socio-political media discourse, including  work that examines transformations of online news discourse, social media discussions, and multimodal digital texts. I have co-edited several volumes and special issues pertaining to these topics: Analyzing Digital Discourses (Johansson, Tanskanen, Chovanec, 2021),Special issue on Mediatizing emotion: Networked Practices of Stance-taking in Reactions to  Global Events and Crises ( Giaxoglou and Johansson, 2020), Digital Agora (Johansson, Kleinke and Lehti 2017), Language on the Net - Perspectives to Digital Interaction (Helasvuo, Tanskanen and Johansson 2014, in Finnish). 

3) Language use in professional and expert contexts, multilingualism, language practicies and policies. In these domains I have co-edited the following volumes (in English): Language at Work (Johansson, Pyykkö and Nuolijärvi 2011, in Finnish), Discourse in Interaction (Tanskanen, Helasvuo, Johansson and Raitaniemi 2010), Commitment in Political Discourse (Bull, Fetzer and Johansson 2008),  and Multilingual Europe (Johansson and Pyykkö 2005, in Finnish).

Teaching: courses on discourse and interaction studies as well courses on sociolinguistics,especially on topics related to the French-speaking world,  multilingualism and language policies.

Supervision: Supervision of MA and doctoral theses. I am interested in supervising projects whose theoretical and methodological approaches are related to any of topics described above.

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