Maarit Karonen
PhD, Senior Lecturer, Docent, Adjunct Professor

Natural Chemistry Research Group

+358 29 450 3179

+358 50 576 5007

Office: K214

ORCID identifier:

Natural Chemistry Research Group



Areas of expertise
Liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, natural compounds, phenolic compounds, polyphenols, tannins

  • Chemistry of tannins and polyphenols
  • Qualitative and quantitative analyses of tannins and polyphenols
  • Role and significance of tannins on ruminant health and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Tannin-lipid interactions

  • Book Exams of Natural Compound Chemistry
  • Identification of Bioactives by UV, MS and MS/MS Spectra
  • LC-MS and its Applications
  • Scientific Communication of Chemistry
  • Structure, Activity and Quantitation Methods

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