Tiina Holopainen


+358 29 450 3312

+358 50 328 9257

Koskenniemenkatu 4


Office: 109

Reception on Wednesday at 15.00-16.00 based on prior agreement

ORCID identifier: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0578-701X

Areas of expertise
audiovisual translation; subtitling and teaching AVT and subtitling; professionalism


I have long-term experience in both the practice and teaching of translation, specifically audiovisual translation. Since
August 2013, I have been working full-time at the University of Turku, holding various teaching positions, and since January 2017, on a permanent basis as University Teacher in Multilingual Translation Studies.

Along with teaching and research, my responsibilities include collaborating with the various stakeholders in the translation industry.  Prior to full-time teaching, I taught individual Audiovisual Translation courses on a regular basis at the University of Turku, while my main professional activity consisted of full-time freelancing for Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company. For further details, see my CV.


My research interests lie in the theory of audiovisual translation, specifically, holistic models for studying
audiovisual translation. I am currently working on my article dissertation. My first article deals with the concept of Source Text in Audiovisual Translation.  See my List of Publications and Presentations.


I have taught both theoretical and practical translation courses on both BA and MA levels in Finland and abroad (Germany and Russia): My area of expertise is teaching Audiovisual Translation/Subtitling. In addition, I have taught courses in EU Translation, Medical Translation, Interpreting, Sociology of Translation, Translation Studies, Professional Translation Practices. See my CV.


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