Matti Välimäki
 VTT / DSocSci

Eduskuntatutkimuksen keskus

+358 29 450 3121

+358 50 326 4193

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Areas of expertise
Finnish party and government politics concerning immigration & immigrants

Immigration: post-WWII evolution at the policy, judicial, and discursive levels in Finland and Western Europe

Populist political communication

The power relations in media and politics

  • Doc. Diss. (2019): Finnish parties and immigration issues from the 1970s to the 2010s (2014-2019), Pdf available here:älimäki.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y

  • Post doc project: Securitization in authorities’ discourse and practice: Refugee reception in Finland, 1986–1995. (2019-2021, Kone Foundation)


I teach courses especially on migration
politics and history.

In 2021, I am responsible for the lecture course 'Migrations, history, and politics' and module "Crises and Migration from the 20th Century to
the 21st Century" in Contemporary history at the University of Turku.

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