Lotta Aarikka
Doctoral Student

Areas of expertise
Finnish language; language ideologies, dialectology; sociolinguistics; dialects of Finnish language; History of Science and Ideas; the research history of Finnish dialects


Working title of my dissortation: "The Methods and Ideologies of Dialects in Finland 1871–2018"

My data consist of two sets of data: 

1. 51 doctoral theses that study Finnish dialects or are based on data named as “dialect data” and spesifically those parts of the dissortations, that describe collecting and handling the research data.

2. Series of interviews with the researches, whose dissortations I analyze.

Here are my main questions:

  1. What kind of data has been studied, while studuing dialects?
  2. How has this data been collected and how it has been handeled?
  3. What kind of language ideologies researchers combine with dialects?
  4. How do different researchers
    reflect their own relationship to the dialect (or area) at hand in their
  5. How do researchers in different eras define the concept of "dialect"?


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