Roni Gren
 PhD, Adjunct professor

Art History

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Areas of expertise
Art History, Modernism, Art Theory, Avant-Garde, Surrealism, Animal Art, French Philosophy, Primitivism.


I have been working as a full-time researcher since april 2009. My research topics have been centered on modern art theory, from 18th to 20th century, and French philosophy. Currently, I am working on a research project called "The Animal Gaze: Art Historical Point of View on Human–Animal Relations". Former research projects: "The Death of an Animal: Art Historical Perspectives, 1550–1950" (from 2019–2022) discussed the images of dead animals and animal death from the 16th to the mid-20th century; "Prehistory and Modernism" (from 2016–18); "The Image of the Animal and Modern Theories of Art (from 2013–15); and the project that led to my dissertation on Georges Bataille's writings on art, "Georges Bataille, History and Art" (from 2009–12). From 2016 to 2021, I was the editor-in-chief of scholarly art historical journal Tahiti.

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