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Cognitive Effects of White Matter Pathology in Normal and Pathological Aging

List of Authors: Kaskikallio A., Karrasch M., Rinne J.O., Tuokkola T., Parkkola R., Grönholm-Nyman P.
Publisher: IOS PRESS
Publication year: 2019
Journal: Journal of Alzheimer's Disease
Journal acronym: J ALZHEIMERS DIS
Volume number: 67
Issue number: 2
Number of pages: 5
ISSN: 1387-2877

We examined whether cerebrovascular white matter pathology is related to cognition as measured by the compound score of CERAD neuropsychological battery in cognitively normal older adults, patients with mild cognitive impairment, and patients with Alzheimer's disease (total n = 149), controlling for age and education. Trend-level effects of white matter pathology on cognition were only observed in patients with Alzheimer's disease (p = 0.062, eta(2) = 0.052), patients with severe frontal white matter pathology performed notably worse than those with milder pathology. This indicates that frontal cerebrovascular pathology may have an additive negative effect on cognition in Alzheimer's disease.

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