Laura Antola

Doctoral Student, Art History, Musicology and Media Studies (School of History, Culture and Arts Studies)

Office: E302

Areas of expertise
Comics studies; Popular culture; Superheroes; Adaptation studies


I am a media studies doctoral student, and I am writing my dissertation on superhero comics. My research is focused on the Finnish adaptations of Marvel’s superhero comics, and I am especially interested in the strategies used to make the American superheroes more accessible to the Finnish readers. In my dissertation I analyze the changes that have been made in the stories, how the adapted stories have been chosen, and what could be the role of a dedicated readership in this process. I combine comics studies, popular culture studies, adaptation studies and fan studies in my research. Besides focusing on my dissertation, I am coordinating a comics studies study circle that brings together scholars as well as artists from the Nordic-Baltic region.


In addition to comics, my interests include a broad spectrum of popular culture topics. Especially questions related to adaptations, transmediality and franchise productions interest me.

My teaching experience includes a courses in comics studies and media analysis.


Book review: Superhero Comics (2018)
Laura Antola
B1 Journal article)

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