Henna Vilppu

Senior Researcher, Dep. of Teacher Education Turku (Department of Teacher Education)
University Research Fellow, Dep. of Teacher Education Turku (Department of Teacher Education)

+358 29 450 3240
+358 50 355 2485

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Areas of expertise
regulation of learning; learning and teaching in different higher education environments; text processing; eye-tracking; development of medical expertise; impact of pedagogical training


PhD (Education) from the University of Turku in 2016. Currently working at the Unit for University Pedagogy.


My research interests have always been in university pedagogics, and my research aims at supporting learning and developing teaching at the university. In my doctoral thesis I studied university students’ regulation of learning and text processing with multiple methods and in various contexts. Recently, the focus of my research has shifted towards university teachers, whose conceptions of teaching, pedagogical development during pedagogical trainings and regulation of teaching and development of teaching I’m currently studying.


I have accomplished pedagogical studies (60 ECTS). My teaching experience at the university comes mainly from teaching research skills to student teachers. For several years, I have taught research method workshops, in which teacher students carry out and report an empirical study. Recently, I have also guided bachelor’s and master’s theses. I also have teaching experience from university pedagogical unit, where I have planned and organized university pedagogical studies. Part of these studies have been arranged purely online. I also have some experience from teaching in English in an educational export project (Saudi Arabia BLCSI).


How can the training of medical residents be improved? Three suggestions (2019)
Henna Vilppu, Mari Murtonen, Erika Österholm, Mirjamaija Mikkilä-Erdmann
B1 Journal article)

Seeing beyond variables: applying a person-centered approach to identifying regulation strategy profiles among Finnish preclinical medical and dental students (2019) Vilppu Henna, Laakkonen Eero, Mikkilä-Erdmann Mirjamaija, Kääpä Pekka
A1 Journal article – refereed)

Exploring eye movements of experienced and novice readers of medical texts concerning the cardiovascular system in making a diagnosis (2017)
Anatomical Sciences Education
Henna Vilppu, Mirjamaija Mikkilä-Erdmann, Ilona Södervik, Erika Österholm-Matikainen
A1 Journal article – refereed)

Medical students' biomedical and clinical knowledge: Combining longitudinal design, eye tracking and comparison with residents' performance (2017)
Learning and Instruction
Sodervik I, Vilppu H, Osterholm E, Mikkila-Erdmann M
A1 Journal article – refereed)

Sisätauteihin erikoistuvien lääkäreiden asiantuntemus potilastapauksen tulkitsijana (2014)
Mikkilä-Erdmann Mirjamaija, Södervik Ilona, Vilppu Henna, Österholm-Matikainen Erika, Kääpä Pekka
A1 Journal article – refereed)

Promoting the Understanding of Photosynthesis Among Elementary School Student Teachers Through Text Design (2013)
Journal of Science Teacher Education
Ilona Södervik, Mikkilä-Erdmann Mirjamaija, Henna Vilppu
A1 Journal article – refereed)

The Role of Regulation and Processing Strategies in Understanding Science Text Among University Students (2013)
Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research
Vilppu H, Mikkila-Erdmann M, Ahopelto I
A1 Journal article – refereed)

First-year medical students' conceptual understanding of and resistance to conceptual change concerning the central cardiovascular system (2012)
Instructional Science
Mikkila-Erdmann M, Sodervik I, Vilppu H, Kaapa P, Olkinuora E
A1 Journal article – refereed)

Lääketieteen ja hammaslääketieteen ensimmäisen vuoden opiskelijat oppimisensa säätelijöinä (2010)
Peda-Forum: Yliopistopedagoginen Aikakausjulkaisu
Virtanen H, Mikkilä-Erdmann M, Murtonen M, Kääpä P
A1 Journal article – refereed)

Regulation of learning and study orientations of medical students (2010)
Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences
Olkinuora E, Virtanen H, Mikkilä-Erdmann M
A4 Article in conference proceedings)

The Effect of Text in Understanding Photosynthesis Among University Students With Different Learning Strategies (2010) Earli, Text and graphics SIG, Tracing the mind: How do we learn from text and graphics? Ahopelto I, Mikkilä-Erdmann M, Virtanen H
A4 Article in conference proceedings)

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