Satu Teerikangas
Professor of Management and Organization

Areas of expertise
Strategic change; Mergers and acquisitions; Post-merger integration; Change agency; Sustainability transitions; Qualitative research; Grounded theory

TkT Satu Teerikangas
toimii Johtamisen ja organisoinnin professorina Turun kauppakorkeakoululla.
Hänen tutkimuksensa liittyy strategisten muutosten johtamiseen. Teerikangas
toimii dosenttina University College London:ssa, jossa hän työskenteli
apulaisprofessorina 2010-2015. Teerikangas väittely Aalto-yliopistolta 2006.
Hän on toiminut Shellin palveluksessa Hollannissa ja Skotlannissa. Tällä
hetkellä Teerikangas vastaa Työsuojelurahaston rahoittamasta Yhteistyön
Työyhteisö (TYÖ2) hankkeesta, sekä Strategisen tutkimusneuvoston rahoittaman
Kiertotalouden katalyytit (CICAT2025)-konsortion toimijuus-työpaketista.


Satu’s research centers on the management of strategic
change, a research theme set at the frontiers of strategic management and
organization theory. Her focus in the study of strategic change has centered on
the management of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Within this remit, Satu’s
empirical and conceptual contributions relate to the sociocultural dynamics of
M&A, change agents enabling M&A, and research methods. She has authored
over 120 publications, including academic articles, special issues, books, book
chapters, managerial articles and international conference papers. Her international
academic journal publications appear in e.g. Journal of Management, British Journal of Management, Human Resource Management,
International Business Review, European Management Review, European Journal of
and Management
International Review

As an
academic, her approach to scientific inquiry is collaborative. She is
co-editor of the Handbook of Mergers and Acquisitions
(2012) published with Oxford University
(744p.), a first to combine financial, strategic and sociocultural
perspectives to the study and practice of M&A; and co-editor of special
issues on M&As in Scandinavian
Journal of Management
, and European
Journal of International Management
. Together with international
colleagues, she initiated and chaired the M&A track at the annual
conference of the European Academy of
(2008-2014), and regularly co-chairs the M&A track at the
annual conference of the European Group
of Organization Studies
. She is member of the editorial review boards of Journal of Management Studies and International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management. In 2014,
she was awarded the Emerald Publishing Outstanding Contributor Award. Her review of the cultural challenges in M&As featured in Forbes (2016). She is co-instructor of
four PhD candidates graduated from University College London and Aalto
University, and has acted as external examiner of PhD theses completed at e.g.
HEC Montreal, University of London, and University of Oxford.

research engagement is closely tied to industry and the daily practice of work,
in particular as regards Nordic multinationals. She is principal investigator
in research project grants awarded e.g. the Finnish Academy's Strategic Research Council 2019-2021, by the Finnish Work Environment Fund 2018-19,
Mercuri Urval Global, City of Turku 2018-2019, and co-investigator in research project
grants previously awarded e.g. by the Finnish National Technology Agency, and Finnish
Ministry of Education. Paralleling teaching and research engagements, she is
actively involved in community service roles at department, faculty and
university levels.


In terms of
teaching, her experience spans the domain of management and organizations, at
undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD, and executive levels. Within this remit, she
has instructed courses on organizational management, leadership, the management
of change, the management of inter-firm partnerships, international management,
and research methods. In terms of highlights, the undergraduate program that she
contributed to was voted among the five best undergraduate programs at
University College London in 2014, receiving a full 100% satisfaction score in
the National Student Satisfaction Survey published by Times Higher Education.
In September 2015, the Times Higher Education scored the program the United
Kingdom’s best undergraduate program in its disciplinary area.

She currently teaches on the following courses:

JOS4 Managing Change

JOS8 Advanced Strategic Management in the Digital Era

JOS9 Readings in Management & Organization

JOPG1 Master's Thesis Seminar in Management & Organization

YLJ7 Qualitative research methods for PhD students

EMBA classes and executive teaching

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