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European postgraduate curriculum in geriatric medicine developed using an international modified Delphi technique
Age and Ageing
Roller-Wirnsberger R, Masud T, Vassallo M, Zoebl M, Reiter R, Den Noortgate N, Petermans J, Petrov I, Topinkova E, Andersen-Ranberg K, Saks K, Nuotio M, Bonin-Guillaume S, Luttje D, Mestheneos E, Szekacs B, Jonsdottir AB, O'Neill D, Cherubini A, Macijauskiene J, Leners JC, Fiorini A, van Iersel M, Ranhoff AH, Kostka T, Duque S, Prada GI, Davidovic M, Krajcik S, Kolsek M, del Nozal JM, Ekdahl AW, Munzer T, Savas S, Knight P, Gordon A, Singler K
Euryale Ferox Seed-Inspired Superlubricated Nanoparticles for Treatment of Osteoarthritis
Advanced Functional Materials
Yufei Yan, Tao Sun, Hongbo Zhang, Xiuling Ji, Yulong Sun, Xin Zhao, Lianfu Deng, Jin Qi, Wenguo Cui, Hélder A. Santos, Hongyu Zhang
Eutrophication histories of three contrasting lakes in a naturally nutrient-rich boreal watercourse
Journal of Paleolimnology
Tammelin M., Kauppila T., Miettinen J., Jokinen S.
EU vastaan vapauden valtakunta
Turun Sanomat
Olli Kangas
Evaluation of cardiac function by nuclear imaging in preclinical studies
Journal of Nuclear Cardiology
Antti Saraste, Mia Ståhle, Anne Roivainen
Evaluation of the Association Between Health State Utilities and Obesity in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence From World Health Organization Study on Global AGEing and Adult Health Wave 2
Value in Health
Stella T. Lartey, Lei Si, Barbara de Graaff, Costan G. Magnussen, Hasnat Ahmad, Julie Campbell, Richard Berko Biritwum, Nadia Minicuci, Paul Kowal, Andrew J. Palmer
Everyday reading cultures of Finnish immigrant communities
Anne Heimo, Kirsti Salmi-Niklander
Every nonnegative real number is an abelian critical exponent
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Peltomäki Jarkko, Whiteland Markus A.
Evidence for melting of HD and D-2 clusters in solid neon below 1 K
Physical Review B
Sheludiakov S, Ahokas J, Jarvinen J, Lehtonen L, Vasiliev S, Dmitriev YA, Lee DM, Khmelenko VV
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