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Where lies the horizontal scientist?
Fennia : International Journal of Geography
Käyhkö J.
Water, food and economy
Environment and History
Vinnari E, Frederiksen H
Werbewelten - Wie Gates weiter?
Neuphilologische Mitteilungen
Wagner D
Women's age at menarche and offspring sex ratio
Human Reproduction
Helle S
When and how to start prevention of atherosclerosis? Lessons from the Cardiovascular Risk in the Young Finns Study and the Special Turku Coronary Risk Factor Intervention Project
Pediatric Nephrology
Magnussen CG, Niinikoski H, Juonala M, Kivimaki M, Ronnemaa T, Viikari JSA, Simell O, Raitakari OT
Workshop Report: concepts and methods in the economics of nutrition - gateways to better economic evaluation of nutrition interventions
British Journal of Nutrition
Lenoir-Wijnkoop I, NUIJTEN MJC, Gutierrez-Ibarluzea I, HUTTON J, Poley MJ, SEGAL L, BRESSON JL, Van Ganse E, JONES P, MORENO L, SALMINEN S, DUBOIS D
World War II and Scandinavian cinema : an overview
Journal of Scandinavian Cinema
Sørenssen Bjørn, Salmi Hannu, Vestergaard Kau Edvin, Olsson Jan
Workplace Physical Activity Interventions: A Systematic Review
American Journal of Health Promotion
To QG, Chen TTL, Magnussen CG, To KG
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