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Temperature-related changes in airborne allergenic pollen abundance and seasonality across the northern hemisphere: a retrospective data analysis
Ziska L.H., Makra L., Harry S.K., Bruffaerts N., Hendrickx M., Coates F., Saarto A., Thibaudon M., Oliver G., Damialis A., Charalampopoulos A., Vokou D., Heiđmarsson S., Guđjohnsen E., Bonini M., Oh J.-W., Sullivan K., Ford L., Brooks G.D., Myszkowska D., Severova E., Gehrig R., Ramón G.D., Beggs P.J., Knowlton K., Crimmins A.R.
The European Registry on Obstetric Antiphospholipid Syndrome (EUROAPS): A survey of 1000 consecutive cases
Autoimmunity Reviews
Alijotas-Reig J., Esteve-Valverde E., Ferrer-Oliveras R., Sáez-Comet L., Lefkou E., Mekinian A., Belizna C., Ruffatti A., Tincani A., Marozio L., Espinosa G., Cervera R., de Carolis S., Latino O., LLurba E., Meroni P.L., Chighizola C.B., Gerosa M., Pengo V., Lundelin K., Rovere-Querini P., Canti V., Mayer-Pickel K., Reshetnyak T., Hoxha A., Tabacco S., Stojanovich L., Gogou V., Varoudis A., Arnau A., Ruiz-Hidalgo D., Trapé J., Sos L., Stoppani C., Martí-Cañamares A., Farran-Codina I.; for the EUROAPS Study Group
The rise of motivational information systems: A review of gamification research
International Journal of Information Management
Koivisto Jonna, Hamari Juho
The role of stressors in altering eco-evolutionary dynamics
Functional Ecology
Theodosiou Loukas, Hiltunen Teppo, Becks Lutz
The Value of Liquid Biopsies for Guiding Therapy Decisions in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
Frontiers in Oncology
Saarenheimo J, Eigeliene N, Andersen H, Tiirola M, Jekunen A
The Year in Cardiology 2018: imaging
European Heart Journal
Victoria Delgado, Bogdan A Popescu, Sven Plein, Stephan Achenbach, Juhani Knuuti, Jeroen J Bax
Tippuri - uudelleen yleistyvä seksitauti
Hieta N, Vuento R, Hiltunen-Back E
Towards consensus in acquisition and image analysis of PET and SPECT in the assessment of cardiac sympathetic innervation: a mini-review
Clinical and Translational Imaging
Walter Noordzij, Andor W. J. M. Glaudemans, Luis E. Juarez‑Orozco, Riemer H. J. A. Slart
Tailoring of Proteostasis Networks with Heat Shock Factors
Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology
Joutsen Jenny, Sistonen Lea
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