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Phage Display Selection of an Anti-Idiotype-Antibody with Broad-Specificity to Deoxynivalenol Mycotoxins

List of Authors: Janne Leivo, Markus Vehniäinen, Urpo Lamminmäki

Publisher: MDPI

Publication year: 2021

Journal: Toxins

Volume number: 13

Issue number: 1

eISSN: 2072-6651

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/toxins13010018

The use of synthetic antibody libraries and phage displays provides an efficient and robust method for the generation of antibodies against a wide range of targets with highly specific binding properties. As the in vitro selection conditions can be easily controlled, these methods enable the rapid generation of binders against difficult targets such as toxins and haptens. In this study, we used deoxynivalenol mycotoxin as a target to generate anti-idiotype-antibodies with unique binding properties from synthetic antibody libraries. The binding of the selected anti-idiotype antibodies can be efficiently inhibited with the addition of free isoforms of deoxynivalenol. The antibody was consecutively used to develop deoxynivalenol-specific ELISA and TRF-immunoassays, which can detect deoxynivalenol and two of the most common metabolic isoforms in the range of 78–115 ng/mL. View Full-TextKeywords: antibody library; phage display; mycotoxin; deoxynivalenol; immunoassay

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