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Linking network facilitation activities to expertise development: insights in the professional service context
(Esitys Nordic Workshop on Interorganizational Research, Uppsala 24.-26.4. 2019)

List of AuthorsTanja Lepistö, Arja Lemmetyinen

Conference nameNordic Workshop on Interorganizational Research

Publication year2019

Self-archived copy’s web addresshttps://research.utu.fi/converis/portal/detail/Publication/43955665


The purpose of this study is to explore and discuss
network facilitation and build a link between facilitation activities and
expertise development. In this study, we look at networks not only as a
platform co-creating new services for management coaching but also the role of
networks in enabling expertise development.  We have
conducted a process case study focusing on a interorganizational network in a professional
service context. In the literature on networks management, there is an
extensive discussion about management of networks and even discussion about to
which extent networks can be managed. Network management has been looked at
from the capabilities and competences perspective. In our study, we provide a
more fine-grained analysis of a network facilitation in the context of
management coaching. We have identified and discussed network facilitation
activities: engaging in co-development, encouraging in relationship building,
and enabling co-creative knowledge creation. Secondly, we have linked the
network facilitation capabilities to expertise development. In our study, we
build on the idea that expertise develops by developing and using capabilities
for network facilitation. Thus, we show how network facilitation can provide
possibilities for expertise development with the focus on professional service

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