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Exploring the value creation in a long-term support services for solo entrepreneurs and micro firms
(Esitys Nordic Academy of Management conferencessa, Vaasa, Finland 22.-24.8. 2019)

List of AuthorsMervi Vähätalo, Tanja Lepistö

Conference nameNordic Academy of Management conference

Publication year2019

Self-archived copy’s web addresshttps://research.utu.fi/converis/portal/detail/Publication/43951379


Business service
for solo entrepreneurs and micro firm leaders are often standardized and thus
run a risk of producing less value than expected. This study explored three different
long-term support service concepts and analyzed how value is co-created in them
together with business coaches and entrepreneurs, what kind of value-in-use
emerges for the entrepreneurs and for his or her business and to what extent
perceptions of perceived value are aligned between coach and entrepreneur. The
results revealed the essence of constant customization of the process and concentration,
on not only business development, but also on supporting entrepreneurs as a
person in a dialogical process.

Keywords: Value
creation, Entrepreneurship, Business coaching

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