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Towards a Creator Mindset for Computational Thinking: Reflections on Task-Cards

List of Authors: Mikko Apiola

Publisher: Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Place: Bryssel

Publication year: 2019

Journal: Constructivist Foundations

Volume number: 14

Issue number: 3

Start page: 404

End page: 406

Number of pages: 3

ISSN: 1782-348X

eISSN: 1782-348X


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Computational thinking (CT) skills are nowadays strongly advocated for educational institutions at all levels. CT refers broadly to skills of thinking about the world from a computational perspective, however, not necessarily referring to programming skills in particular. There is still a lack of consensus about what CT means, and how CT should be taught. This open peer commentary briefly discusses some ongoing trends of CT in response to the target article, which reports development, field testing and piloting of an extensive set of new learning materials for teaching CT. Recent calls for interdisciplinary technology education, creativity and open-ended problem solving in CT are highlighted.

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