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Distinguishing community-acquired bacterial and viral meningitis: Microbes and biomarkers

Julkaisun tekijätIvaska Lauri, Herberg Jethro, Sadarangani Manish

KustantajaAcademic Press


JournalJournal of Infection

Tietokannassa oleva lehden nimiJournal of Infection

Artikkelin numero106111





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Diagnostic tools to differentiate between community-acquired bacterial and viral meningitis are essential to target the potentially lifesaving antibiotic treatment to those at greatest risk and concurrently spare patients with viral meningitis from the disadvantages of antibiotics. In addition, excluding bacterial meningitis and thus decreasing antibiotic consumption would be important to help reduce antimicrobial resistance and healthcare expenses. The available diagnostic laboratory tests for differentiating bacterial and viral meningitis can be divided microbiological pathogen-focussed methods and biomarkers of the host response. Bacterial culture-independent microbiological methods, such as highly multiplexed nucleic acid amplification tests, are rapidly making their way into the clinical practice. At the same time, more conventional host protein biomarkers, such as procalcitonin and C-reactive protein, are supplemented by newer proteomic and transcriptomic signatures. This review aims to summarise the current state and the recent advances in diagnostic methods to differentiate bacterial from viral meningitis.

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