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A proposal for harmonizing clinical neurophysiology training in the Europe, Middle East and Africa Chapter of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology

List of AuthorsCole Jonathan, Kamondi Anita; representatives of the National Societies of the Europe Middle East Africa Chapter of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology


Publication year2023

JournalClinical Neurophysiology

Journal name in sourceClinical Neurophysiology

Volume number156

Start page76

End page85





There are significant differences in duration and intensity of clinical neurophysiology specialty training within the countries of the Europe, Middle East and Africa Chapter of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology. We address these differences by proposing recommendations which may facilitate harmonisation of training and education within the Chapter. They arose from two workshops whose recommendations were then circulated widely within national societies in the Chapter for feedback and for consensus. The recommendations are applicable to clinical neurophysiology as a medical monospecialty and/or as a subspecialty (usually of neurology). We make a number of recommendations on governance and regulation of training, on the requirements for competence and the numbers of various examinations and tests performed by trainees, some under supervision. We also recommend a modular approach considering primary and complementary modules. Primary modules are electroencephalography, electromyography, nerve conduction studies and evoked potentials, while complementary ones include sleep analysis, intraoperative monitoring, small fibre testing, peripheral nerve and muscle ultrasound, intracortical recordings, and analysis of movement disorders. It is recommended that national examinations should include a variety of techniques to assess knowledge and judgement, practical skills, teamwork, communication skills, as well as safety and quality. The aim of the suggested recommendations is to harmonize clinical neurophysiology training in the member societies throughout the Chapter. It is realised that this may mean that the numbers for competence are aspirational for some, though ways to mitigate this, for instance through supranational training centres, are also discussed.

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