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Fluorescent Small Molecule Probe to Modulate and Explore alpha 2 beta 1 Integrin Function

Julkaisun tekijät: Koivunen JT, Nissinen L, Kapyla J, Jokinen J, Pihlavisto M, Marjamaki A, Heino J, Huuskonen J, Pentikainen OT


Julkaisuvuosi: 2011

Journal: Journal of the American Chemical Society

Tietokannassa oleva lehden nimi: JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY

Lehden akronyymi: J AM CHEM SOC

Numero sarjassa: 37

Volyymi: 133

Julkaisunumero: 37

Aloitussivu: 14558

Lopetussivun numero: 14561

Sivujen määrä: 4

ISSN: 0002-7863


Collagen binding integrins are an important family of cell surface receptors that mediate bidirectionally signals between the interior of the cell and the extracellular matrix. The protein-protein interactions between cells and collagen are necessary for many physiological functions, but also promote diseases. For example, the interaction of alpha 2 beta 1 integrin and collagen has been shown to have an important role in thrombus formation and cancer spread. The fact that the discovery of small molecules that can block such protein-protein interactions is highly challenging has significantly hindered the discovery of pharmaceutical agents to treat these diseases. Here, we present a rationally designed novel fluorescent molecule that can be synthesized in just a few minutes from commercially available starting materials. This molecule blocks the protein-protein interaction between alpha 2 beta 1 integrin and collagen, and due to its fluorescent properties, it can be employed in wide variety of biological applications.

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