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Introducing Communities in Translation and Interpreting

List of Authors: Kristiina Taivalkoski-Shilov

Place: Montreal

Publication year: 2017

Book title *: Communities in Translation and Interpreting

Title of series: Vita Traductiva

Number in series: 9

ISBN: 978-2-924337-09-7

eISBN: 978-2-924337-10-3

ISSN: 1927-7792

URL: http://vitatraductiva.blog.yorku.ca/publication/communities-in-translation-and-interpreting/


Building on the ideas of social embeddedness and communality
inherent in cross-cultural communication, this article
provides theoretical background for a discussion of communities
in Translation Studies. The first section introduces the
history and different definitions of the concept of “community”
(e.g., Wenger’s community of practice) and examines the
interdependencies of notions such as “norm,” “repertoire,”
and “community.” Communities in translation and interpreting
are tentatively defined as communities bound together by the
production, reception, or meta-level discussion of translation/
interpreting. The second section presents the eight contributions
to this volume.
Keywords: translation, interpreting, Translation Studies,
community, communities of practice, norm, repertoire,
sociology of translation, polysystem theory

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