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Artificial Intelligence in Surgical Learning

List of AuthorsPakkasjärvi Niklas, Luthra Tanvi, Anand Sachit


Publication year2023


Journal name in sourceSurgeries (Switzerland)

Volume number4

Issue number1

Start page86

End page97




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(1) Background: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming healthcare on all levels. While AI shows immense potential, the clinical implementation is lagging. We present a concise review of AI in surgical learning;

(2) Methods: A non-systematic review of AI in surgical learning of the literature in English is provided;

(3) Results: AI shows utility for all components of surgical competence within surgical learning. AI presents with great potential within robotic surgery specifically;

(4) Conclusions: Technology will evolve in ways currently unimaginable, presenting us with novel applications of AI and derivatives thereof. Surgeons must be open to new modes of learning to be able to implement all evidence-based applications of AI in the future. Systematic analyses of AI in surgical learning are needed.

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