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Colloquium: Incompatible measurements in quantum information science

List of AuthorsGühne Otfried, Haapasalo Erkka, Kraft Tristan, Pellonpää Juha-Pekka, Uola Roope


Publication year2023

JournalReviews of Modern Physics

Journal name in sourceREVIEWS OF MODERN PHYSICS

Journal acronymREV MOD PHYS

Article number 011003

Volume number95

Issue number1

Number of pages25





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Some measurements in quantum mechanics disturb each other. This has puzzled physicists since the formulation of the theory, but only in recent decades has the incompatibility of measurements been analyzed in depth and detail, using the notion of joint measurability of generalized measurements. In this Colloquium joint measurability and incompatibility are reviewed from the perspective of quantum information science. The Colloquium starts by discussing the basic definitions and concepts. An overview on applications of incompatibility, such as in measurement uncertainty relations, the characterization of quantum correlations, or information processing tasks like quantum state discrimination, is then presented. Finally, emerging directions of research, such as a resource theory of incompatibility as well as other concepts to grasp the nature of measurements in quantum mechanics, are discussed.

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