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Gamma-aminobutyric acid-functionalized naphthalene diimide for aqueous organic flow batteries

List of AuthorsShahsavan Mahsa, Wiberg Cedrik, Peljo Pekka

PublisherRoyal Society of Chemistry

Publication year2022

JournalChemical Communications

Journal acronymChem. Commun.

Volume number58

Issue number91

Start page12692

End page12695




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An anionic gamma-aminobutyric acid-functionalized naphthalene diimide (GABA-NDI) was investigated for its possible application in flow batteries. A GABA-NDI/ferrocyanide flow battery was stable over 200 cycles and demonstrated an average coulombic efficiency of 99.96% and an excellent energy efficiency of 80.9% at 60 mA cm−2 while accessing 95% of the theoretical capacity of GABA-NDI. An increase in solubility and stability was achieved compared to previous studies.

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