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Netoscope: A New Black Box Through Which the Russian Government Controls Content Dissemination?

List of AuthorsSivetc Liudmila, Wijermars Mariëlle

PublisherResearch Centre for East European Studies Publications Department

Publication year2022

JournalRussian Analytical Digest

Journal acronymRAD

Issue number281

Start page15

End page18



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Russia has increasingly adopted policies that leverage the power of private infrastructure owners, including algorithmic gatekeepers, to achieve more effective, but less easily perceptible, control over online content dissemination. This article analyzes the Netoscope project, which has compiled a database of Russian domain names suspected of malware, botnet or phishing activities. Within the framework of this project, federal censor Roskomnadzor cooperates with Yandex (which downgrades listed domains in its search results), Kaspersky, and foreign partners. The article concludes that non-transparency creates possibilities for misuse of the project.

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