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Transition to emerging adulthood during the COVID-19 pandemic: Changes in anxiety and the role of inclusion/exclusion experiences

List of AuthorsRepo Juuso, Herkama Sanna, Yanagida Takuya, Salmivalli Christina

Publisher Taylor and Francis Group

Publication year2023

JournalEuropean Journal of Developmental Psychology

Volume number20

Issue number4




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The study investigated a developmentally sensitive group, emerging adults going through a critical post-secondary educational transition in tandem with the first wave of the COVID pandemic in Finland. The participants (n = 330) were surveyed initially during their first year in secondary education, and again during the pandemic, right after their graduation in summer 2020. According to latent change score models, there was a small mean level increase in anxiety but interestingly, the increase was stronger among individuals with fewer prior anxiety symptoms and fewer prior experiences of loneliness. However, during-pandemic experiences of social inclusion and living with parents were protective against an increase in anxiety symptoms. Findings from this longitudinal study add to the understanding of the complexity of the COVID impact on mental health and the intertwined dynamics of social relations and mental well-being among emerging adults.

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