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Eye tracking: empirical foundations for a minimal reporting guideline

List of AuthorsHolmqvist Kenneth, Örbom Saga Lee, Hooge Ignace T. C., Niehorster Diederick C., Alexander Robert G., Andersson Richard, Benjamins Jeroen S., Blignaut Pieter, Brouwer Anne-Marie, Chuang Lewis L., Dalrymple Kirsten A., Drieghe Denis, Dunn Matt J., Ettinger Ulrich, Fiedler Susann, Foulsham Tom, van der Geest Jos N., Hansen Dan Witzner, Hutton Samuel B., Kasneci Enkelejda, Kingstone Alan, Knox Paul C., Kok Ellen M., Lee Helena, Lee Joy Yeonjoo, Leppänen Jukka M., Macknik Stephen, Majaranta Päivi, Martinez-Conde Susana, Nuthmann Antje, Nyström Marcus, Orquin Jacob L., Otero-Millan Jorge, Park Soon Young, Popelka Stanislav, Proudlock Frank, Renkewitz Frank, Roorda Austin, Schulte-Mecklenbeck Michael, Sharif Bonita, Shic Frederick, Shovman Mark, Thomas Mervyn G., Venrooij Ward, Zemblys Raimondas, Hessels Roy S.


Publication year2023

JournalBehavior Research Methods


Journal acronymBEHAV RES METHODS

Volume number55

Start page364

End page416

Number of pages53





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In this paper, we present a review of how the various aspects of any study using an eye tracker (such as the instrument, methodology, environment, participant, etc.) affect the quality of the recorded eye-tracking data and the obtained eye-movement and gaze measures. We take this review to represent the empirical foundation for reporting guidelines of any study involving an eye tracker. We compare this empirical foundation to five existing reporting guidelines and to a database of 207 published eye-tracking studies. We find that reporting guidelines vary substantially and do not match with actual reporting practices. We end by deriving a minimal, flexible reporting guideline based on empirical research (Section "empirically based minimal reporting guideline").

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