Refereed article in conference proceedings (A4)

Usage-based constructionist theory and task-based Chinese language teaching

List of Authors: Zhuo Jing-Schmidt, Xingjia Peng, Lin Zhu, Hui Shi

Conference name: CLTA (The Chinese Language Teachers Association) International Symposium at University of Maryland College Park, MD, USA

Place: USA

Publication year: 2016

Book title *: Proceedings of the 2nd CLTA International Symposium on Chinese Language Teaching and Learning, College Park, MD, USA


The panel consists of four presentations: (1) The first one is reviewing existing studies on the application of task-based teaching in Chinese language instruction. The second one is introducing the usage-based constructionist framework. The third presentation focuses on task
design at the novel level, drawing on insights from the usage-based constructionist approach. The fourth presentation focuses on task-based teaching at the intermediate and advanced levels on how to incorporate rich content with the practice of form-meaning pairings of increased
complexity across a variety of interaction contexts.

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