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Imidotungsten(VI) complexes with chelating amino and imino phenolates

List of Authors: Hanninen MM, Sillanpaa R, Kivela H, Lehtonen A


Publication year: 2011

Journal: Dalton Transactions

Journal name in source: DALTON TRANSACTIONS

Journal acronym: DALTON T

Number in series: 12

Volume number: 40

Issue number: 12

Number of pages: 7

ISSN: 1477-9226


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The reaction of WOCl(4) with 2,4-di-tert-butyl-6-((isopropylamino)methyl)phenol followed by the reaction with phenyl isocyanate leads to the formation of imidotungsten(VI) complex [W(NPh)Cl(3)(OC(6)H(3)(CH(2)NH-i-Pr)-2-t-Bu(2)-4,6)] 4 with a chelating aminophenolate ligand. When the same procedure was applied using aminophenols with bulkier substituents in the amino group, the final product was an unexpected Schiff-base complex [W(NPh)Cl(3)(OC(6)H(3)(CH = NPh)-2-t-Bu(2)-4,6)] 5, where the ligand is derived from 2,4-di-tert-butyl-6-((phenylimino)methyl)phenol. Complex 5 is also formed in the thermal degradation of 4. On the whole, 5 appears to be formed by a disproportionation of intermediate compounds, which are analogous to complex 4. The solid-state structures of 4 and 5 have been determined by X-ray crystallography whereas the solution structures were studied by (1)H and (13)C NMR.

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