Timo Savela
 FT, PhD


Arcanuminkuja 1


Areas of expertise
Discourse analysis; dispositive analysis; pragmatics; sociolinguistics; semiotics; geography; landscape research; sociology; philosophy; aesthetics; photography; videography


I am a university lecturer at the University of Turku. I specialize in pragmatics, discourse analysis, dispositive analysis and landscape research. My background is in English and geography. As a doctoral researcher I further broadened my horizons, studying linguistics, semiotics, philosophy, sosiology and geography.

My current research focuses on landscapes in the dark. In this work, I utilize both photography and videography.


My research is interdisciplinary. I draw from a broad range of fields, including but not limited to linguistics, semiotics, geography and sociology. My work is influenced by continental philosophy (Deleuze, Foucault, Guattari) and sociology (Bourdieu, Tarde).

My current research focuses on landscapes, with a particular emphasis on landscapes in the dark. In the past I have studied use of language in politics and in the media.


I teach Academic Writing and Speaking and Discourse Studies and Pragmatics. I also teach Texts and Contexts I and II alongside my colleagues. In addition, I supervise Bachelor's and Master's theses and run BA and MA seminars.

In the past I have taught Academic Writing and Speaking, English Language and Linguistics and Spoken English. I have also been responsible for supervising Bachelor's theses and running BA seminar, as well as held guest lectures on landscape research.


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