Hiroaki Fujii


+358 29 450 4208

+358 50 574 3891

Tykistökatu 6


ORCID identifier: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0013-5891

Areas of expertise
Molecular Plant Biology; Abiotic stress signalling;


2003 PhD, Kyoto University, Japan

2003-2011 Postdoc, University of Arizona, USA

                                 University of California, Riverside, USA

                                 KAUST, Saudi Arabia

2012-present Junior Group Leader, University of Turku


Analysis of
osmotic stress signaling in plants

Salinity, drought, and low temperature cause osmotic
stress in plants and activate signalling pathways that regulate plant
responses. The understanding of plant signalling pathways that respond to
osmotic stress remains limited in spite of its importance for both basic
biology and agriculture. Our previous study revealed that the SNF1-related protein kinase 2 family
(SnRK2s) plays a central role in osmotic stress responses. In our project with model plant Arabidopsis thaliana, we will use genetics,
and biochemical techniques
to examine molecular interactions between SnRK2s and other signaling components
in order to clarify the nature of osmotic stress pathways.   

literatures and our preliminary results suggest that osmotic stress induces
posttranslational modification of SnRK2s. We will further characterize this
modification to determine the activation mechanism of SnRK2s in the osmotic
stress pathway. We will also determine the function of proteins that regulate
SnRK2s in the osmotic stress pathway; these proteins have been identified in
yeast two-hybrid screening. Because some
key players in osmotic stress signaling have yet to be identified, other
screenings will also be performed.

Through these projects, we expect to generate new knowledge regarding the regulatory
mechanism of SnRK2s and proteins downstream of SnRK2s, which play central roles
in osmotic stress signaling.


KABI 5061 Literature in
Plant Biology

Plant acclimation and Development (together with other lecturers)


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