Kirsi Laitio
 FM / M.Sc

+358 40 779 9483

Joukahaisenkatu 3-5


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Helminen, Reima, Laitio, Kirsi & Veijo Pönni. 2023. Rauman saariston saavutettavuus -selvitys. (Accessibility of the Rauma Archipelago). A commissioned research. City of Rauma.

Laitio, Kirsi. 2019. Maantielauttaliikennepalvelun aikataululausuntojen analyysi. (Analysis of timetable statements related to road ferry service). A commissioned research. Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Southwest Finland.


Kestävän matkailun osaamismerkit -hanke (Project on Developing Digital open badges for Sustainable Tourism). 1.9.2022–31.12.2024

TourNord. 2022–2023.

BLUE-C - Collaborating Costal Communities. 1.1.2022–31.12.2024

Human X Factor at Sea  Improving the understranding of the human factors in the current and future digitalized maritime environment to increase maritime safety. 19.6.2020-–31.12.2021.

ResQU2 – Enhancing the durability of learning experiences gained in ChemSAR, HAZARD, DiveSMART Baltic and Mirg-Ex projects on guidelines, operational plans and procedures and exercises related to incidents at sea and in ports. 7.6.2018– 0.6.2021.

ChemSAR – Operational plans and procedures for maritime search and rescue in HNS incidents.  20.11.2015– 1.10.2019.

InLoC – Integrating Logistcs Centre Networks in the Baltic Sea Region. 1.8.2004–31.3.2007.

NeLoC – Networking Logistics Centres in the Baltic Sea Region. 18.12.2001–17.2.2004.


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