Jaana Vaahtera


+358 29 450 3343

+358 50 432 2280

Koskenniemenkatu 4


Office: 101

ORCID identifier: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3058-8613

Areas of expertise
classical philology; history of ancient linguistics; ancient rhetoric; Dante Alighieri; De vulgari eloquentia; grammatical gender in ancient linguistics; word-formation in ancient linguistics


I studied Classics at the University of Turku and I am currently a university lecturer of classical languages.


My research concentrates on how people in antiquity thought about language and its use, and how they formulated their thoughts. I have studied, for instance, the concept of grammatical gender in ancient linguistics. Recently, I have also studied the De vulgari eloquentia written by Dante Alighieri.


I have taught Classics for over 20 years and, from the very beginning, considered the ancient texts, from Homer to Church Fathers, to be the core of the teaching.


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