Anton Zavialov
PhD, Head of Laboratory

  • erikoistutkija sr., MediCity (lääketieteellisen tiedekunnan yhteiset)

+358 29 450 3211

+358 50 328 6112

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Structural biology and structure-based drug design; X-ray crystallography; Cryo-electron microscopy; Microbiology and cell biology; Biochemistry; Protein chemistry; Protein engineering; Molecular chaperones; Secretion; Assembly.


We work in the field of structural biology and structure-based drug design. Our main methods are x-ray crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy. The main focus of our research is the unraveling of molecular mechanisms governing the interplay between microbial pathogens and their hosts, and the exploitation of these finding in medicine. We are particularly interested in host-pathogen interactions during the early steps of infection: bacterial attachment and biofilm formation mediated by fimbrial adhesins and host tissue invasion mediated by the Type III secretion system. Blocking these steps could prevent infections caused by antibiotic-resistant pathogens. Another line of our research explores the intricate cell signaling mechanism of the novel growth factor-enzyme, adenosine deaminase type 2 (ADA2). This study paves the way for the development of novel means to treat blood cancers and vascular disorders, including a genetic disease called deficiency of ADA2 (DADA2). In addition, we develop a novel ADA-based immuno-oncological therapy of advanced cancers.


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