Jussi Jaakkola
Doctor of Laws, Master of Laws, Master of Arts

Faculty of Law


+358 29 450 4410

+358 50 313 4629

Caloniankuja 3


Office: 3100

Areas of expertise
European integration; international tax governance; EU tax law; constitutionalism.


Jussi Jaakkola obtained his Doctor of Laws in 2020 (Faculty of Law), Master of Laws in 2013 (Faculty of Law) and Master of Arts in 2010 (Faculty of Humanities). He joined the Faculty of Law in 2014 and is currently working as a postdoctoral researcher.


Jussi Jaakkola's research focuses on systemic interrelations between tax law, international economic integration and democracy, especially in the framework of the European Union. Jaakkola’s research also addresses the unfolding of political ideas on inter-state regulatory competition and how these ideas transform the perceptions of the law. Jaakkola is interested in the long-term development of political, legal and economic ideas in their given historical contexts. The ways of legitimising and rationalising tax policy choices lie at the core of his research.


Jussi Jaakkola’s teaching focuses on fiscal and economic integration in the European Union.


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