Erika Österholm
PhD-student, M.Ed., Training expert

Areas of expertise
interprofessional learning; collaborative learning; metacognition; pedagogics; study skills

I have worked in the Center for Medical Education, MediOpe (former TUTKE) since 2006 as an planner and expert on educational fields. The center offers e.g. courses in university pedagogy and mentoring programmes in the Faculty of Medicine being also part of new UTUPEDA - Center for University Pedagogy and Research in the University of Turku.

Since 2017, I have been a PhD-student in the OPPI-doctoral program which focuses research on learning, teaching and learning environments. 


My research interests are in interprofessional learning environments, especially in the cognitive and metacognitive learning processes during interprofessional collaborative learning. 

I received my teaching qualification in 2016 and the years in the Center for Medical Education (MediOpe) have offered versatile experience in teaching, guiding and online tutoring.


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