Satu Aaltonen
 M.Soc.Sc. / VTM

  • TeacherGeography  (Department of Geography and Geology)
  • Project ResearcherEntrepreneurship (Department of Management and Entrepreneurship)

+358 29 450 3955

+358 50 505 3630

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Areas of expertise
employee-driven innovations; immigrant entrepreneurship; social value; culture


I have worked as a project researcher in the Entrepreneurhip Unit at Turku University (TU) since 2006. My previous academic appointments at Turku University were in the Research Unit for the Sociology of Education, Information Systems, Cultural History and Media Studies. I have also worked shortly in Turku Science Park. I have obtained my Master's degree in sociology (TU) in 1998.

I am interested in social and cultural aspects of entrepreneurship, work place studies and entrepreneurship policies.

Currently I study immigrant entrepreneurship and the policy measures supporting it, as well as the changing role of municipalities from service providers to service integrators.

Previously I have studied, among others, the role of cultural heritage in value creation, co-development of working methods, employee-driven innovations, impact of business support policies and business exits. Before I joined the Entrepreneurship unit I have participated in studies focusing on the history of everyday IT, implementation of information systems, public online forums and the interconnectedness of unemployment and adult education.


I teach a course called Social value creation and YRY Yrittäjämäinen liiketoiminta.

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