Marika Kalpio
PhD, University teacher

Office: 7060

ORCID identifier:


Areas of expertise
Lipids; Triacylglycerols; Stereoisomerism; Chromatography; Chiral chromatography; Enantiomeric Separation; HPLC; GC; Mass Spectrometry; Sample Preparation; Food Analysis; Food Science; Human Milk; Sea Buckthorn; Secondary Metabolites


PhD Marika Kalpio is University Teacher in Food Chemistry
and Food Development at Department of Life Technologies. She received her PhD
degree on Food Chemistry from University of Turku in 2020. 

PhD Marika Kalpio’s research focuses on the chemistry of
lipids and modern analytical methods, with special emphasis on chromatography
and mass spectrometry. In her thesis work the stereospecific composition of
triacylglycerols were studied using a method based on chiral liquid
chromatography and sample recycling system. Other current research interests
include different analytical methods of foods such as studying secondary


PhD Marika Kalpio has given lectures mainly related to different
analytical methods, coordinated seminars and organized and guided laboratory
exercises, as well as, MSc and MSc tech thesis works. Her teaching philosophy is founded on the
principle of equality and active learning.

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