Antti Hakkala

+358 29 450 6100

+358 50 563 1759

Vesilinnantie 5


Office: 454C

ORCID identifier:

Areas of expertise
Computer and network security, cryptography, biometrics, wireless network security (802.11 WLAN, RFID, sensor networks), privacy.

University teacher and researcher at the communication systems laboratory.


My reserach interests are centered around various cyber security topics. My main interests are security and privacy in the networked information society, biometrics and biometric passports, cryptography, and security design in hardware, software and networks.

Current reserach topics of interest are:

  • Security of autonomus systems and vehicles
  • Forced trust in Internet infrastructure
  • Data ownership, control, and privacy


I teach introductory cyber security and communication systems theory to first year students. I also teach an advanced level course on firewalls and intrusion detection systems, and teach wireless local area network security.

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