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Asian business environments; International trade; Free trade agreements; Regional economic integration; Trade policy; Southeast Asia; China; ASEAN; EU; Responsible business; Sustainable development


Visiting Scholar, Ca'Foscari University of Venice, 2022; Affiliated Researcher, TSE 2019-2021; Associate Professor, University of Gothenburg 2019; Senior Research Fellow, CCR 2017-2018; Research Manager, Aalto University School of Business 2006-2018; Visiting researcher, University of Gothenburg 2011; Researcher, Helsinki School of Economics 2005-2006; Assistant and researcher, Helsinki School of Economics 1995-2004. Research visits: Contact scholar at Nordic Institute of Asian Studies; Institute of Southeast Asian Studies Singapore. Academic fieldwork in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, S.Korea, Japan.

Title of Docent, University of Turku, Economic Geography.

Dr.Sc.(Econ.); Lic.Sc.(Econ.); M.Sc.(Econ.), Helsinki School of Economics, Economic Geography.

Academic activities:

Board member (Aalto University representative), Finnish University Network for Asian Studies 2010-2016

Board member, Doctoral Programme of Contemporary Asian Studies, former Finnish Graduate School of Contemporary Asian Studies 2005-2013

Member of Doctoral Committee, Examiner of Doctoral thesis, Examiner of Licentiate theses; Sweden and Finland

Board member, Nordic Association for Southeast Asian Studies 1995-2004

Co-organizer of Understanding Korea symposium, University of Helsinki 2018 

Co-organizer of symposia at Nordic Centre, Fudan University, Shanghai 2007, 2011

Book editor, Southeast Asia: Economy, Environment and Society [in Finnish], Gaudeamus 2019 

Societal activities:

Vice President, Finland-Republic of Korea Association, 2018-, Board member, 2017- 

Member (Aalto University representative), Finland-ASEAN Trade Association 2008-2016

Chairman of the Board, Finland-Malaysia Association 2001-2006, Board member 1997-2010


Sustainable food exports in Finland-China trade (intl collaboration); European Green deal and Circular economy; Finland-China rail transports (intl collaboration); EU-South Korea relations (intl collaboration); The EU’s Free Trade Agreements in Asia and responsible business (intl collaboration); Workplace cultures in Japan and Finland (intl collaboration); Innovation Districts in Emerging and Advanced Economies (IDeaS) (TSE research project); China’s Belt and Road Initiative and trade governance; The participation of Finns in 18th Century Swedish East India Company voyages; Edited book Southeast Asia – Economy, Environment and Society [in Finnish].


Business environments in Asia; Economic geography in Asia and Europe; Regional economic integration; ASEAN; EU.

Organizer and lecturer of several courses at University of Gothenburg 2019; Finnish University Network for Asian Studies 2007-ongoing; Community of European Management Schools CEMS 2007-2008; Helsinki School of Economics 1995-2008.

Supervised ca. 20 M.Sc. theses in Finland and Sweden. 

2nd supervisor of Doctoral thesis, Kari Mäkeläinen, TSE.

Visiting lecturer in Finland, Sweden, Japan.


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